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Directory of Doctoral Training in Clinical Child/Adolescent and Pediatric Psychology

Offered by the Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology (APA, Division 53) and the Society of Pediatric Psychology, (APA, Division 54)

This Directory was designed to help potential students obtain information regarding graduate training in clinical child/adolescent psychology and pediatric psychology. All data presented in this directory were offered by individual graduate programs in 2009. All programs listed here are accredited in clinical psychology by the American Psychological Association and based in nonprofit universities. All grant the Ph.D. degree. Please be aware that this is not a complete list of Ph.D. programs that offer training in clinical child or pediatric psychology. This information is meant to supplement and consolidate training information, but does not replace material currently listed on the websites of individual doctoral programs. We hope you find this information useful. Data regarding the faculty, students, coursework, and clinical training are listed for each doctoral program. Please see our list of responses to Frequently Asked Questions for information on how to interpret these data.

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Programs listed on this Directory are APA Accredited (or application pending), grant the Ph.D. degree, and are based in nonprofit institutions. If your program meet these criteria and is not listed here, please email cmccarty@uw.edu for an information form.

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